Baking- and Roastinghouse BK-HV 2250 / 1-C

With horizontal and vertical airflow.
  • temperature range up to 200°C
  • ready to plug in modular design, future expandable
  • 1-truck to 4-truck units
  • suited for both hanging products and products in a lying position
  • microprocessor control K-Touch 4012 available in many languages
  • all current heating methods
  • fibreglass upgraded insulation
  • higher utilization of the unit and a consistent temperature distribution with reversing circulation
  • Gentle microprocessor-controlled processes
  • Time and energy saving with high quality fibreglass upgraded insulation
  • high vapour density and very low loss of weight with integrated steam generation
  • Approx.30% shorter cooking times with the proven KERRES reversing circulation

• Dimensions: 168x114x285 cm
• Required room height: 345cm
• Stock length / pads: 100 cm / 13 bis 16
• Capacity: depending on the product
• Heating power electric: 37,8 kW
Subject to technical modifications

• Use: cooking, baking, roasting, for lying products
• Temperature range: up to 200 ° C
• Humidifying / cooking: Adjustable interval automatic injection for generating steam during cooking and dosing
humidification during baking and roasting
• Circulation: uniform heat treatment by horizontal + vertical air flow
• Cleaning: Foam cleaning system integrated
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Control: microprocessor K-Touch 4012
• Design: 1-chamber system, fully insulated, ready for connection

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