Combined Chamber 1600 RET-C

Versatile systems for medium-sized businesses:

• drying, smoking, cooking, hot-air dry cooking, baking, showering
• suitable for smoke trucks (floor passable)
• fully-automatic control with modern microprocessor technology
• user-friendly controls
• ready to plug in delivery
• for sawdust smoke and liquid smoke
• low loss of weight with the proven KERRES smoke-air circulation system

⦁ dimensions: 127 cm w x 112 cm d x 210 cm h
⦁ electrical connection: 17 kW
⦁ el.heating power: 14,4 kW/ 13800 kcal
⦁ stock length: 90 cm
capacity smoke truck depending on the calibre: 70-200 kg
Subject to technical modifications

• Use: Drying, smoking, cooking, dry cooking, roasting and showering
• Temperature range: up to 150°C
• Humidifying / cooking: Interval water injections
• Circulation: Continuous air circulation system
• Cleaning: Integrated shower and cleaning system
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Control: microprocessor K-Touch 4012
• Design: 1-chamber system, fully insulated, ready for connection

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