Semi–Continuous System HKT JS 2850 4 + IKK 2850 4

Fully-automatic maximum performance for large businesses:

• drying, smoking, dry cooking, baking, cooking, air-conditioning, showering
• integrated or separate smoke generator
• four different sizes + modular design for big units
• all kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, intensive smoking, cold smoking
• available for various heating methods: electricity, gas, oil, steam
• environmentally friendly by “TA-Air”
• floor passable, on request also for overhead trolley systems
• easy to clean with integrated foam cleaning system
• integrated bottom drainage
• microprocessor control, reliably repeatable processes
• available as closed or exhaust air reduced circulation system
• modular design: easy to install on the spot
• sawdust smoke, friction smoke and liquid smoke

depending on the size of the system

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