Wood Chips Smoke Generator HSR 303

Wood Chips Smoke Generator HSR 303

• fully-automatic operation in the open system
• completely made in stainless steel
• four different sized available, for 1- to 8-truck houses
• suited to all kinds of wood chips with a graining of 8-16 mm
• controlling via the computer screen of the smoking unit
• electrical ignition
• cold- and hot smoke possible user-friendly controls and cleaning
• short smoking times
• high safety standard
• well-engineered technology, well coordinated with the smokehouse
• very strong smoke, intensive smoke flavour

• Dimensions: 55x120x151 cm
• Power consumption: 1,0 kW
• Subject to technical modifications

• Use: For 3-car systems
• Application: hot and cold smoking
• Medium: beech wood chips, grain size 8-16 mm
• Smoke generation: fully automatic, electric ignition
• Functionality: Wood chip dosing and air supply adjustable
• Safety: Automatic overheating protection device, level message for wood chips, temperature monitoring, door safety switch
• Material: stainless steel 1.4301
• Design: Spark and dirt trap integrated, fully insulated, ready for connection


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