Which equipment do you need to
achieve masterful results?

Together with you, we plan a system tailored to your needs with reliable and economical technology. Naturally expandable at any time – thanks to modular design. From our more than 50 years of experience with the “fine art of smoking”, we know that every customer has their own skills, specialties and demands. This is to be implemented. We plan and advise you based on your specifications and find the ideal solution for you.


We’re about the sausage

From practice to practice

Our technologists accompany you from commissioning to product optimization. They offer solutions for process engineering problems or product training Whether it’s about product programs or process optimization – we take care of you and ensure a smooth process.


Here’s the connection

Worldwide support

Due to high manufacturing quality, our systems offer maximum availability! If you still need support, it is very important to us to provide you with fast and efficient help so that your equipment can be used as soon as possible. Our technicians will accompany you effectively and purposeful.


Fast spare parts service

Original spare parts just-in-time

Our Original Kerres spare parts are shipped all over the world. We will gladly assure you prompt and reliable delivery. Our technical support is always at your disposal for advice and determines the right spare part according to your specifications.

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Viktor Pal, Konstantin Pal, Dejan Trajkovic
Tel.: +49-7191-9129-0
Fax: +49-7191-9129-70

Plant Manager

Tobias Wittek
Tel.: +49-7191-9129-0
Fax: +49-7191-9129-70

Customer Service

Steven Bauer
Tel.: +49-7191-9129-30
Fax: +49-7191-9129-70

Technological Advice

Konstantin & Patrick Pal
Tel.: +49-7191-9129-0
Fax: +49-7191-9129-70


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